About Me

This blog is pretty much about my life, how I see things, and how I experience them. Because of that, I should give you a few facts about myself so you can tell if you care to read further:

  • I’m a 24-year-old female living in Michigan
  • I received my BSW from Spring Arbor University in May of 2010. I received my MSW from the University of Michigan in December of 2011.
  • I work as a foster care specialist for the State of Michigan. This involves working with the children, their biological families, and their foster families.
  • I have an awesome boyfriend. He is a computer geek. There seems to be some attraction between social workers and computer geeks because many relationships have existed with this compound. Either way, he’s a great guy who treats me well and I have fun with him.
  • I’m living in a wonderful apartment on my own. I also live with my hamster, Reepicheep, who I’ve had since I moved.
  • Consequently, I adore movies. I’ve probably seen every one you can think of. If you need a movie recommendation, let me know. You can also read my movie blog I have with my sister here.
  • I also adore literature. I wanted to be a writer from the age of two until I was sixteen and switched to social work. Book recommendations are always welcome, though I have a ton of reading I’m backed up on.
  • Music is my life. I sing and am working on learning guitar. I also carry my iPod with me wherever I go. You can never be without music.
  • I’m a Christian and have been for a while now. I grew up in a Christian home, however in recent years I have made my faith my own.
  • Finally, I love people. I’m an INFJ, but I still love to learn about people and spend time with them.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Wow, so we have a lot in common. I was looking up INFJ’s that are social workers and I came across your site/blog. Not to scare you, but let me list some of the things that I noticed:
    I’m a control freak, who has a problem with trying to fix everything (and everyone) around me
    I have a hard time allowing God to take control of my life, except mines is a lack of faith that He’ll get me there, the way want Him to, in my time frame
    I’m an INFJ! that also grew up in a Christian household also trying to figure out what a “Christian Lifestyle” really is
    I’m currently an undergraduate majoring in Sociology, and have thought about getting my MA in social work, in hopes of becoming a clinical social worker
    I love writing! Wow too much right? Just what I thought.. now back to my question…. I want to know how you (as an INFJ) found security in social work with the emotional drainage and the supposed lack of finacial security in the social work field? These are my concerns and I was hoping that you could lend a word of encouragement (or not)…:) Thanks Anyways and take care!

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Guess I’m not surprised you’re considering social work 😉
    A lot of my dealing with the emotional drainage is my own personal stuff, but I’ll help out with some suggestions. It kind of depends on the day. Sometimes I need to be alone and I’ll watch a movie or read a good book. Sometimes I write or Bible study or just pray. Other times, I find that I need someone to lean on after a long day. For example, today I was stressed and found myself crying as I begged my boyfriend to just be with me. In those times, I may need to talk or be held or just watch a movie. I’ve found ice cream helps, but it can also hurt. I LOVE yoga for stress relief. It’s light enough exercise for me to not feel like I’m going crazy, but it’s good at helping with the stress.
    The biggest thing I’ve learned to do is vent to coworkers, vent in the car (sometimes I seem crazy, lol), and leave work at work. It’s not perfect and doesn’t always work, but it definitely can help and allows for a distinct separation.
    As for the finances, I can’t speak too much for that. I’m currently a government employee, which means I’m pretty well off. Obviously not getting a mansion anytime soon, but I can more than afford to live alone and pay off loans.
    I hope this helps! If you want, I got a new blog: http://fostercarefieldwork.blogspot.com/ I’m not the best at keeping up with it, but when I do, that will be where you can read more about everything. Thanks!

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