Monthly Archives: May 2010

I’m baaaaack

Ok, so I really and truly am hoping to write more often now that college is over. I make no promises, but I can say that’s my hope. I graduated Saturday (woot) and I am just now writing because I’m trying to get my room put together so that I can think of this place as home again. I’m still not done, however I’m sick today, and in an attempt to ACTUALLY take care of myself, I’m not allowed to work on my room…if I’m still sick tomorrow, that will change because everything in boxes is stressful, but today I have off :o)

So, I sent in my application for field placement at the University of Michigan exactly a week ago. I called the field person at U of M in charge of the place I want to be at the most to see what I should say in my goal statement and highlight in my resume to look awesome. She told me some helpful stuff, but ultimately said that there were only two slots open and that it’s VERY competitive. She let me know that the process is she would receive my resume and goal statement, review them to see if I would be an asset to the organization, and if I was, she would pass said documents along to them. If they liked me after they reviewed them, I would get called in for an interview. After the interview is when they choose their two people, so it’s a three step process. I contemplated not applying, because I could potentially miss out on a spot in my second choice while they were reviewing things, but I still did it. I got an email yesterday from one of the head people at the organization I applied to asking for an interview. I’m totally psyched/nervous, but I have somehow managed to pass step one and two looking like a good pick, so you can all be in prayer about that interview and that I’ll seem charming, brilliant, and amazing. I’ll keep you updated.

This summer is gonna be crazy for me. I’m attempting to set up my room, find a job, and study the entire DSM-IV-TR. I’m also trying to work on AFI’s Top 100 Movies. 51 down, 49 to go, and The Searchers is on top of my television, The Last Picture Show is on demand, and I DVRed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when it was on TCM. Every other movie I have not seen is on the Blockbuster online list. So, I’m working on it. That will be one thing off my bucket list. OH, I’m also going to start my screenplay this summer. I feel like I will lose everything in my life except my job once I start at U of M, so I’m trying to get as much enjoyment as possible now.

Also, my movies of the decade list IS coming. But, once again, I’m working on other things. Ok, now I must get ready to take over the world tonight (Risk…no worries, I’m not becoming the Brain until I find a suitable Pinky…)