Monthly Archives: September 2009

I’m just saying…

Freshman year I wrote this letter to the guy I was getting over just so I could get out everything I was thinking/feeling and move on. I never sent it to him, but instead spent the next several months editing and changing it and rereading it just for some type of therapy or something. I wonder if I’m still of the same mindset now as I was then.

Oh, and for anyone that knew my grandma was in surgery, all went well and she is safe, but stuck in Massachusetts. I’m very impressed with myself if that’s how you spell it. Spell check time!

We’ll see how this goes

Ok, I have a blog that isn’t xanga. Very exciting or something. I make no promises about actually ever updating this or keeping it or really doing anything with it, since usually when I do that something is left unattended for years after the month I actually used it. Also, if I decide I don’t like this site, I’ll switch to something else. So, I may or may not blog and I may or may not blog on here. This is the testing period. As this is my first blog post, I’ll tell a story about my day yesterday, since that’s what you’re supposed to do…

So, yesterday was my half birthday. Usually on my half birthday, I notice that it’s September 16 and think, “Oh, sweet, I’ll be xx years old in exactly six months.” It’s a nice break in my year and I get excited to be a year older. This is the first time where I actually got depressed to be a year older in six months. 22 sounds so old. I calculated it in elementary school and realized I’d be graduating from college and becoming a “real person” once I hit 22. It’s weird to think about. I don’t wanna grow up. Neverland, here I come.

Ok, now that my first post is up, I’m gonna go to the post office and leave cyber world. Once again, all very exciting.