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And the Beat Goes On

Yeah…I did just name this post after a Cher song…judge all you want.

I have filled out paperwork at Starbucks and my first day is Thursday of this next week. I met a few of the people I’ll be working with today and they seem pretty cool. Hopefully the job will be good, it’s definitely in a good location and the fact that there won’t be greasy food is a DEFINITE plus.

I did not get the first choice of internship I had, and now that we’re about a month into the placement process, my other choices are filled. My stuff got sent to a place that sounds good, but is in Detroit, which feels far away, so we’ll see how all of that goes. I haven’t heard back from them yet about an interview. I also put together my hopeful schedule. I register August 9, so I’m hoping the four classes I so carefully put together will all remain open till then…

If you’re reading this and you’re one of the people I said I would get in touch with, I’m working on it. I’ve had very little motivation to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING. I’m working on seeing people, really, I am.

Tomorrow begins my summer of weddings :o)

Job: Check

Well, I am now employed, which is awesome. I got a job at a Starbucks near the School of Social Work, so once school starts, the location will be perfect. I know that this is more than a summer job, too, because before an interview was even scheduled, the manager asked if I was looking for something during the summer or more long term. Then, when I came in for the interview, I was told that the summer is their slow time (which makes sense for the location on a college campus). It seems as though they’re hiring a few people this summer so that we can train and get used to the job during the slower period and be awesome at it by the time things pick up in September.

It amazes me the calm that comes after knowing that I have a job. I fill out paperwork Friday, so I am guessing I’ll start training next week, and I woke up today and thought to myself, “I don’t feel like doing anything productive.” I rarely ever have that, because just sitting and doing nothing nowadays makes me feel overly lazy, and I just hate it. I could do it during school because I was doing work all the time, and now that I know I have a job and will be doing work once again, sitting on my butt watching a movie and reading without first figuring out something productive is okay. I have a week before I work again. I might as well enjoy it.

The interview for my field placement went well. I won’t hear back for a few weeks, though. I’ll keep people updated. And, with that, there isn’t much else to say…

Dear Generic Movie Couple,

I realize that the two of you are in love, but frankly, some of the choices you make I don’t enjoy watching. I’m writing you this letter so that maybe, just maybe, you can have a happier relationship and one that doesn’t make me gag…

First of all, if you’re trying to save the world or your country or something else that’s precious and will affect a lot of people, could you PLEASE wait and kiss until AFTER you’ve saved said item. It seems to me that you are constantly kissing during an intense moment of peril, and this wastes about fifteen seconds that end up being precious. Someone will probably die, and this death probably could have been avoided if you had put your hormones in check and waited on that kiss.

Also, I’d appreciate it if you would just stop with the “I hate this person, but am now forced to spend time with them, and miraculously I love him” act. It doesn’t happen in real life. If I was locked in a room with the guy that annoys me the most in the world, we would not come out in love. The best case scenario is that we both come out alive.

Now, to you romantic leading men out there, can you please stop with the cheesy lines already?!?! No one is clever enough to come up with those lines in real life. No woman will ever have a man chase her down on New Year’s Eve to recite the speech from When Harry Met Sally. And none of us should be expecting a guy to stand outside our window with a boombox playing “In Your Eyes” so we can forgive him. OH, and another thing, all these speeches and everything are usually a way for the guy to ask for forgiveness when he acted like a jerk, teaching us that it’s ok for a guy to act like a jerk as long as he is extravagant later. Awesome lesson.

People don’t ride off into the sunset at the end of the day. Don’t give me that crap. And all your problems are not solved the minute you fall in love. A more realistic view of love would be nice, but most importantly, please save the world before you make out…


Concerned Movie Fan

P.S. None of this applies to Westley, because I feel terrible guilt that I am unable to take Cary Elwes seriously in any other role, and therefore can’t yell at him…