Monthly Archives: December 2010

Lessons in Grad School

I’m not going to tell you about the specifics I have learned this semester about social work practice. It would probably bore you, and I see no reason for doing that. This is for some of the stuff I’ve learned about myself this semester, and while I’m certain that some of it will seem obvious, I have realized it to a greater degree or I’m slow…

To begin with, this semester I learned that I am more capable than I typically believe that I am. I have also learned that I am less capable than I believe that I am. What I mean by this is that I entered grad school thinking that I was not equipped and I did not belong. However, after the first semester, I have found myself to understand my classes, get decent to good grades, and be at least somewhat successful in my internship. However, I still have issues with time management and there is still so much that I need to learn. I think the further I get in my education, the more I realize that I don’t know anything about anything. It makes me laugh at how smart I thought I was in high school.

I have also learned that I need people. I have tried to live life keeping people at a distance for years. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I really ever let anyone into my life and it wasn’t until college that I really began to embrace it. Granted, I still have problems trusting people and I still keep people at a distance for a while, but there are people that I actually talk to about things, which is still something. After leaving college and all of those friends, I realized how much I missed them and that connection. I have been making new friends, but am not yet on that level, as it definitely takes time, but I’m also hopeful and grateful for technology, which keeps me in contact with my closest friends.

Finally, I’ve learned the great necessity for my spirituality. For the first time ever, have looked for my own church and found one that I feel will help me grow spiritually. I have been keeping up with my prayer life and somewhat in reading my Bible as well, though I can definitely do better in both. I now have a rosary in which I use prayers, mostly Anglican ones, and it helps me to remain more focused. In all of this, I can feel myself being refreshed and renewed.

That is just a taste of what I’m learning, but hopefully I’ll be a better writer next semester and share more of what is going on. I also hope you like the new layout. I got bored.