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Utter Exhaustion…

Yes, I rarely ever write in here. Give me 18 more days and then I’ll post again. Grad school is taking over my life, and while I do take time to write every now and then, a lot of it are little paragraphs of what’s going on, not really blogging material.

Pretty much all of my time is accounted for. I am incredibly exhausted, all the time, in every area. An example of this exhaustion is from November 19, the Friday that I had a major paper due. I spent all week writing, rewriting, editing, last minute researching, and anything else that you can possibly do to a paper. 15-20 pages worth 70% of my grade. So, once I submitted it, I curled up in a chair with a foreign film I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time. I decided that I should have the rest of the night to do nothing productive, because I deserved it. It was about 10:00 pm when I started the movie. At around 11, while I was completely into the film, my eyes felt extremely heavy. I decided to close them, just for a second, so that they could rest a bit. I woke up about an hour later as the movie was ending. I NEVER fall asleep during movies I enjoy. However, my body realized that it no longer had to be awake to actually do things, so it decided it didn’t want to be awake anymore.

I’m officially registered for next semester. I’m taking 17 credits, an extra credit from this semester, so that will be interesting. However, that extra credit is a one credit mini-course (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children and Adolescents with Anxiety Disorders…I’m excited), which means the class meets for four hours a night for four weeks, and then it’s done. It meets mid-January to mid-February, so I will have about two weeks to get used to my 16 credits before it starts and then a whole two months to work on final projects after it ends. This lightens up my summer load a bit, which is good, because summer is when I need to get really serious about job hunting…

I will be continuing my internship in the winter, and I’m pleased with that. I’m going to start leading group counseling, in addition to the individual counseling that I’m already doing and will continue. There’s also a possibility that I’ll be able to help with family sessions. I’m excited to do more hands-on stuff.

Okay, that’s as much of an update as I’m going to do now…I really should be working on a paper, but I have very little motivation for it. My last paper is due December 17, so don’t bother checking back till then…I highly doubt I’ll update before that.

Day 15

Day 15: A picture of you last year and now. How have you change since then?

So, these pictures are a little more than a year and now old, but they’re almost exactly a year apart. So, the obvious change is how much weight I lost (and if it wasn’t obvious, pretend it is). Another change is that I now have my BSW and have begun work on my MSW. I’m not really sure other ways I’ve changed…a year isn’t that much time…any thoughts?

Jon and Laura's Wedding August 14, 2010

Jon and Laura's Wedding August 14, 2010

Zach and Paige's wedding August 15, 2009

Day 14

Day 14: Something you crave a lot.

Ummm, chocolate. That’s amazing. And ice cream…I think that covers it…

Day 13

Day 13: What makes you different from everyone else.

So, I’m asking people, because I really don’t know…

Nicole says that I’m very delicate about my promises, that it can take me hours to make one, but I’ll keep it. She also says that I am particular about who my friends are.

Stephanie says that it’s my wonderful friend Stephanie (totally true).

Mark says that my two most unique qualities are sympathy and standards, that I am sympathetic to others and can listen to them, but I also have standards, and cannot put up with everyone always, but I can understand them enough to work with them. I also apparently am patient.

I asked other people, but so far no one is getting back to me. I may update as people get back to me…

Day 12

Day 12: A picture of something that makes you happy.

This is Duck Lake at sunset...

This is Interlochen. I went there once every summer throughout my childhood. I have many fond memories of that lake and of the many Operettas I saw while there. And of family and of campfires. There are just many good memories here.

Day 11

Day 11: Nicknames you have and why you have them.

Lizzi and Beth- Both because they’re short for my name. Beth is only what people who knew me as a kid call me.

Izzil- It’s my name backwards

Fire- I used to be “Lizzi Fire” on facebook, and that started a few people calling me “Fire”

Honeybuns- I used to call a friend from high school babycakes and she called me honeybuns

I think that’s it? I can’t think of anymore…

Day 10

Day 10: Plans/dreams/goals you have.

I probably won’t put all of them on here, but here’s some:

1. To get my MSW and possibly a Ph.D

2. To watch all of AFI’s Top 100 (for real)

3. To be published at some point

4. To see more of the world

5. To spend enough time with the people I care about

That sounds good for the day…