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And Then Life Happened…

It turns out I didn’t lead group today. The group had far more pressing issues to discuss. Those issues even made it so that there was only one client that I could meet with today. After all the anxiety that I had approaching my internship, nothing happened.

I think it’s kind of funny how life works. I’m a major planner. I hate it when everything cannot be planned out and especially if a plan falls apart. But this is a major part of life, and even more so when you’re working with people. I need to learn how to be flexible and how to avoid worry when things don’t go as planned. I also need to stop stressing about group (which, theoretically, will begin next week on Tuesday) and just do what I can. At least now I have more time to figure out a good activity for the boys.

Tomorrow Begins a Group

Tomorrow I lead group therapy for the first time and I’m completely terrified. I was supposed to do it last week, but there were far more pressing issues to talk about, so my first week was put off to this one.

I have sat in on a grand total of ten different group therapies in my short career as a social work intern. I have co-facilitated three different groups. I even co-created a curriculum for children with anger issues, specifically ages 9-12, at one of my internships. However, there has only been one time that I completely led a group therapy, and that was my final group at my last internship. I knew those guys well and had good rapport with them. While all of this is true of my current group, the biggest difference is that last time I knew I was leaving and that this was a one time thing. This time, I am beginning a sixteen week curriculum on anger management. The curriculum was even written for adults, so while I am going through it, I am constantly having to rewrite things in words that make more sense and add examples they can relate to. This is scary, but I know I need to get through it to move forward. After all, I love the concept of group social work and embrace it.

Hopefully, all will go well with that and I will be able to meet with all four of my clients for individuals as well, since my Wednesday is pretty booked. Tomorrow will be crazy, but I’m trying to have a positive attitude. After all, social workers regularly have too much to do, right?

Thanks for All the Visits!

Today, I signed into wordpress and found that I had my busiest day. Thanks guys! I’m touched. I’m currently working on a post that should be really good, but I also have a lot of reading and a huge paper due Thursday, so it will probably have to wait until Friday (sorry, guys).

In other news, I had a fantastic weekend with Stephanie. It was nice and relaxing. I’m now looking forward to watching the SAG awards tonight with my mother and my aunt, judging dresses and winners.

A lot of the reading I’ve been doing has been for my Adolescent Behavior and Development class. I love it. I am fascinated by adolescents. They are so moldable, in positive and negative ways. I want to help them figure out who they are without the influence of society telling them what they “should” be. It’ll be difficult, but I’m up for the challenge (and already facing it in my internship…)

My Amazing Friend Stephanie

Me and Stephanie at my graduation

Today, my friend Stephanie came to visit. Because of this, I will not write a lot today, but I decided to blog about how amazing she is. Stephanie is spectacular. I can have fun with her and talk to her about real life things. When she came this weekend, she told me she came with no expectations except to hang out with me. This is always refreshing to hear because I now know I don’t have to try and entertain. It is great to be able to see her and hang out with her for a while. I love her lots 🙂

Please, No Cell Phones in Line

I work at a video rental store, and I have to say, one of my biggest annoyances is when customers get in line and talk on their phone. I have the tendency to ask questions, as it’s my job to find out certain information and update files on people, and if someone is on their phone they will be annoyed at the fact that I am interrupting their conversation. Really, can’t the call wait until you’re done? This is one of the reasons I think cell phones are ruining our relationships. We suddenly feel the need to connect with people based on our time frame and our needs, thus shutting out those that are near. Please, if you’re using your phone, wait until I’m done talking to you…

A Wonderful Story

A friend of mine posted this story on facebook today. Since I’ve sat in classes for ten hours today and I’m exhausted, I’ll let you guys read that instead. It’s a wonderful story of people being nice.

Thoughts from a Young Social Worker

In all of my social work classes, there has been one theme that is held as most important: avoiding burnout. Social work is hard because people are difficult. Frankly, there are no easy people, and when you have ones that are in a vulnerable situation, things are just that much harder. After all, you have to work within a system, and that’s never enjoyable. But burnout is common. Everyone needs to take care of themselves, and it’s especially important if other people are depending on you.

I often find myself passionate about helping people and making the system into one where that is easy (as sometimes the system makes it hard to give the best care, whether it’s the legal system or the organizational system). However, I have met many social workers who have been doing this for a long time who have stopped caring as much. They typically find more fault in the client than in the situation surrounding the client. I’m hoping that I never hit that point. I don’t want to ever become so burnt out that I am jaded towards everything about social work. I really and truly want to help.