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Christian Girls Don’t Watch Tarantino

I can’t remember a time in my life where I enjoyed the stereotype of “good Christian girl.” For a long time, it seemed like some unattainable goal for me. Something I was supposed to work hard to become. It wasn’t until later on in high school that I began to realize that not fitting into this stereotype didn’t make me a bad Christian and that it wasn’t necessarily something I should be fighting for.

Let me clarify something: I am a Christian, and I’m continuously trying to figure out what that exactly means in how I live my life, however when you call someone a “good Christian girl,” there’s a specific stereotype that pops into your head that I just do not fit. I am 22 and unmarried, and right there, we have a problem in the good Christian girl category. I’m studying social work and considered voting for Obama (and ended up voting Nader). I don’t enjoy most Christian music. There are several more things I could list that I’m just not thinking of now…

However, the biggest reason I’m not a good Christian girl is in my choice of movies. I have the tendency to watch films that include sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It’s true. I view film as a medium of art, and the best art takes reality and makes it beautiful in some way. This sometimes means that what I watch has nudity or sex or drug use or violence or a lot of swearing, but I never focus on that. I’m a big picture person, and if the film is beautiful, the story is wonderful, then I fall in love with it. Also, a lot of these films are proving a point. Requiem for a Dream, American History X, American Beauty, Crash, Match Point, Almost Famous, and I could go on…these are all films that use these terrible things to prove some type of point. And it’s beautiful.

I find it slightly odd that many Christians will give me an odd look when I admit to loving something like Pulp Fiction only to then write a Facebook status professing their love for Edward (a fictional character) and how they are utterly depressed that their significant other cannot meet his expectations. There seems to be something wrong here, or maybe I just have the wrong idea about things. And last time I checked Harry Potter was bad because it was about witches, so why are vampires okay?

The ultimate point of this post is that stereotypes are lame. The last time I checked, we were all human, and we all fail constantly at being good at anything, let alone Christianity. The point of life as a Christian is to constantly be striving to live like Christ, which can be difficult at times, because, let’s face it, Jesus didn’t have a Blockbuster to go to, so we don’t know what He would watch. And there wasn’t any moment where he had to choose between listening to Tomlin or Death Cab. We don’t have a specific list of dos and don’ts when it comes to things like that. And, of course, Tarantino is awesome.