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Happy New Year!

Well, it is now 2012, and I have a long list of things I want to do differently this year. Most of them have to do with discipline and stress relief, which may not seem to go together, but I think they do…in a major way.

The biggest is exercising regularly. I’m hoping this will help me with the fact that recently stress has been taking a major toll on my body. This should also help me lose weight, which is a major plus. The other piece to my resolution that concerns this blog is the fact that I will be writing more regularly. I intend to update this blog weekly (and update my other blog weekly, so that’s good). Hopefully all of these things will stick throughout this year.

This year should be spectacular. I’m done with school, which means I’m just being a real person and work full-time. I think I’ll enjoy having more time to relax, read, and actually see people. Now I guess we’ll just see if the Mayans were right…

Redid My Blog…Again

I have once again remade my blog. I felt it needed to be done because I can’t stay focused on social work as is. This is now going to be bits and pieces of my life. Most of you who read this regularly are family and friends anyway, so I’m sure you won’t mind. If you keep up with this blog because social work interests you, I’m terribly sorry, but there will still be topics on it. I just found that I not only didn’t care to write about it often, but most of the blogs I like are about day-to-day activities, so I’m going to write more about that. Soon I will update my links so you can see what I read…for now, I’m buried in papers.

Post a Day 2011

WordPress is currently doing a challenge in which you can sign up to post a day or post a week and get topics to help in a year of blogging. Since I decided to post daily, I figure signing up is a great way to get this going. If you’re interested in doing the same (even if you don’t yet have a blog), you can sign up here. Hopefully you’ll find this and the topics interesting. I’ll post on the first topic tonight (I have classes today from nine in the morning until nine at night and I’m currently through one hour of the only two hour break from classes that I get…ten hours of class…it will be a long day).

New Blogging Plan

Okay, so I realized over break that time isn’t why I don’t write. I have incredibly high standards about what I write because I don’t want to write a lame blog. However, it’s hit something where every time I come up with something to write about, I don’t think it’s good enough. So, because of that I’m going to write everyday until the end of grad school…possibly more after that, but I think by August I should know kind of where this blog is going. So, I apologize ahead of time for some possibly terrible blog posts, but I’ll try not to make them lame. And if I don’t have anything to write about or any time to write, I can always post a fun video or a good article or other blog for you.

In other news, my grandma fell on Sunday and broke her other hip. If you don’t know, my grandma broke her right hip about a year and a half ago and had surgery. Sunday, she broke the left hip and had surgery yesterday. She is doing well. The most terrifying thing about the experience for me was that I was alone in the house with her when it happened. So I heard a loud thud and then saw my grandma on the floor. I also had the joy of calling 911. However, everything turned out alright. She’ll be in recovery for a bit, but otherwise she’s doing fine.

15 Day Challenge

I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog, mainly because I’ve been insanely busy and stressed. However, I recently had a conversation with an old friend about ways to calm down and was reminded of how much writing helped me in high school. Now, this isn’t to say I’ll write in this daily, as some of my writing outlets will be fiction pieces and reviewing movies on my new blog with my sister (, but I am hoping to use this more often than once a month. So, to begin the habit, I decided to accept the 15 day challenge I saw on a friend’s blog recently. And so, without further ado:

Day One: A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about you

Not the best, but I'm in the School of Social Work building and would look silly trying to take a picture right now...

1. I have my BSW from Spring Arbor University and am currently pursuing my MSW at the University of Michigan.

2. I am a Christian.

3. I am an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs. If you really want to get to know me without ever having a conversation with me, you can look up the personality profile of an INFJ. It’s almost creepy how accurate it is.

4. I am an introvert that loves people, so many in the past have believed me to be an extrovert. However, at the end of a day with people, I desperately need to read a book or watch a movie or just do something by myself to recharge.

5. I’m kind of obsessed with movies. I have no real favorite genre, as I like anything that is done well.

6. I will read anything written by C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Jeffrey Eugenides, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allen Poe. Once again, while it’s a variety of genres, they are freaking brilliant authors that I adore.

7. I wanted to be a writer from the age of 2 until I was 16. At 16, I began to look into helping professions and decided social work was where I belonged. I still write and it’s on my bucket list to get something published.

8. Typically I only speak when I believe what I say will add to the conversation. Many people see me as quiet or shy in this sense, but I see no point in speaking just for the purpose of talking.

9. If I’m walking with my ipod, I’m walking in beat to whatever I’m listening to, and not on purpose. Because I realized this in undergrad, I’ve begun to make sure that I listen to faster songs when I’m running late to class and slower songs when I need to take a stroll and think.

10. My two favorite classes in high school were English and Math. This is an odd combination, but I liked a subject where every question had only one correct answer, and I loved a subject where analysis was important. Also, my mother is very much a literary person and my father is very much a math/stats person.

11. I work best when I have a loose plan. For example, I have just mapped out my homework for the next week, but instead of stating specific dates and times, everything is in a specific order to get done. So, once I’m done with this blog, I’ll begin what is at the beginning of the list and work my way through it till class. Whatever isn’t done will continue to tomorrow.

12. I choose my friends very purposely. I need people that I can have intelligent conversations with and will make me laugh. So far, I have had outstanding results in the friends I have chosen with these things in mind.

13. I’m currently listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s Something About Airplanes. Not sure if that’s interesting, but it is a fact.

14. Since Halloween is almost coming up, I’ll say that a major pet peeve of mine is when people skip over Thanksgiving. It seems like a lot of people celebrate Halloween and then put up Christmas lights, listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies. I refuse to do anything Christmasy until after Thanksgiving, even though it’s my favorite holiday.

15. The specific thing I miss most about undergrad is the late night craziness. I loved doing random things at 2 am, on or off campus, and that’s just not the same when living at home and attending grad school.

I’m baaaaack

Ok, so I really and truly am hoping to write more often now that college is over. I make no promises, but I can say that’s my hope. I graduated Saturday (woot) and I am just now writing because I’m trying to get my room put together so that I can think of this place as home again. I’m still not done, however I’m sick today, and in an attempt to ACTUALLY take care of myself, I’m not allowed to work on my room…if I’m still sick tomorrow, that will change because everything in boxes is stressful, but today I have off :o)

So, I sent in my application for field placement at the University of Michigan exactly a week ago. I called the field person at U of M in charge of the place I want to be at the most to see what I should say in my goal statement and highlight in my resume to look awesome. She told me some helpful stuff, but ultimately said that there were only two slots open and that it’s VERY competitive. She let me know that the process is she would receive my resume and goal statement, review them to see if I would be an asset to the organization, and if I was, she would pass said documents along to them. If they liked me after they reviewed them, I would get called in for an interview. After the interview is when they choose their two people, so it’s a three step process. I contemplated not applying, because I could potentially miss out on a spot in my second choice while they were reviewing things, but I still did it. I got an email yesterday from one of the head people at the organization I applied to asking for an interview. I’m totally psyched/nervous, but I have somehow managed to pass step one and two looking like a good pick, so you can all be in prayer about that interview and that I’ll seem charming, brilliant, and amazing. I’ll keep you updated.

This summer is gonna be crazy for me. I’m attempting to set up my room, find a job, and study the entire DSM-IV-TR. I’m also trying to work on AFI’s Top 100 Movies. 51 down, 49 to go, and The Searchers is on top of my television, The Last Picture Show is on demand, and I DVRed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when it was on TCM. Every other movie I have not seen is on the Blockbuster online list. So, I’m working on it. That will be one thing off my bucket list. OH, I’m also going to start my screenplay this summer. I feel like I will lose everything in my life except my job once I start at U of M, so I’m trying to get as much enjoyment as possible now.

Also, my movies of the decade list IS coming. But, once again, I’m working on other things. Ok, now I must get ready to take over the world tonight (Risk…no worries, I’m not becoming the Brain until I find a suitable Pinky…)

Five Months Later…

Ok, so the current goal is now to get in the habit of using this regularly before I graduate so that I will use it regularly AFTER I graduate so that people who care what I’m up to can know without actually talking to me. That’s always good, right? No, but seriously, that is the goal as of now.

So, it’s been about five months, but that’s kind of to be expected, because I’m me. In the span of those five months, a lot has happened. I was recently accepted into the University of Michigan for grad school. It’s really weird and exciting, I guess. I like knowing where I’ll be after I graduate. And U of M is a really good school. Plus, I’m kind of entering a family tradition or something. Several generations on my father’s side attended U of M. I am now joining them.

In other news, I started my ten credit hour internship. That equals out to about thirty hours a week that I do in the span of three days. I’m working with convicts who are court-ordered to go to therapy. I have also sat in on assessments of people who are there willingly and I will start co-facilitating two groups this next week on anger prevention. It’s an interesting, emotionally-charged experience.

Ultimately, this is my catch up entry. Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll play around with this and make it a bit better. And also start posting things that are more interesting. Woot!

We’ll see how this goes

Ok, I have a blog that isn’t xanga. Very exciting or something. I make no promises about actually ever updating this or keeping it or really doing anything with it, since usually when I do that something is left unattended for years after the month I actually used it. Also, if I decide I don’t like this site, I’ll switch to something else. So, I may or may not blog and I may or may not blog on here. This is the testing period. As this is my first blog post, I’ll tell a story about my day yesterday, since that’s what you’re supposed to do…

So, yesterday was my half birthday. Usually on my half birthday, I notice that it’s September 16 and think, “Oh, sweet, I’ll be xx years old in exactly six months.” It’s a nice break in my year and I get excited to be a year older. This is the first time where I actually got depressed to be a year older in six months. 22 sounds so old. I calculated it in elementary school and realized I’d be graduating from college and becoming a “real person” once I hit 22. It’s weird to think about. I don’t wanna grow up. Neverland, here I come.

Ok, now that my first post is up, I’m gonna go to the post office and leave cyber world. Once again, all very exciting.