Redid My Blog…Again

I have once again remade my blog. I felt it needed to be done because I can’t stay focused on social work as is. This is now going to be bits and pieces of my life. Most of you who read this regularly are family and friends anyway, so I’m sure you won’t mind. If you keep up with this blog because social work interests you, I’m terribly sorry, but there will still be topics on it. I just found that I not only didn’t care to write about it often, but most of the blogs I like are about day-to-day activities, so I’m going to write more about that. Soon I will update my links so you can see what I read…for now, I’m buried in papers.

4 responses to “Redid My Blog…Again

  1. thumbs up on the revamp! hope you still have your head above water (on being buried under papers, that is.)

    • Thanks! So far, I’m managing. I gave up pointless computer time for Lent and that has helped A LOT, haha. Blogging doesn’t count because there’s a point 😉

  2. Blog looks great! I have been absent from blogging myself and have a new blog address. Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

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