Why I Still Can’t Write Much…

So sorry that, once again, this will be a short update. I have a better reason this time. I recently found out that Michigan is hiring over 500 child welfare workers and they’re looking at soon-to-be grads. Since I fit into this category and I want to work with children, specifically in the area of those who have been affected by trauma, I’ve been spending a good amount of today registering for one of their workshop/applicant times and researching what this whole process will look like. My posts for about the next month will probably be shorter (since I will have to make sure I pull everything together while trying to do homework), but I promise to continue writing. Currently, I’m trying to figure out who I need to contact to receive letters of recommendations and how I can get a new social security card since mine was put in a place where I’d always remember it and I cannot remember where that place is…wish me luck!


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