No Blizzard Picture

It turns out the snow storm that everyone worried about was not as bad as expected. Because of this, I did not bother to take a picture. However, there are people in Chicago that probably have some awesome pictures of the terrible snow storm that actually did hit them.

Today, I planned to work on homework all day. Instead, I worked on a paper while procrastinating a lot. I just finished this paper…and I still need to add my title page and bibliography. This isn’t because I put a lot of work into it, but just because I was so incredibly distracted. It was hard to remain focused. I realize a major part of this is the fact that I didn’t care much about this paper. It was just one that had to be completed for this class. But still, I feel like there was a lot more I could have done today…

The day was still fun. I watched Midnight Cowboy and Groundhog Day, since today WAS Groundhog Day. I looked through old high school yearbooks and reminisced. It’s funny how much can change in five years.

Well, I should work on this bibliography. Thanks for bearing with me as I post about boring things 🙂


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