You Can’t Handle the Truth!

I can’t stand it when I ask someone what they’re thinking and they say nothing. Is it actually possible for someone to actually never be thinking anything? Maybe it is, but typically when I ask this question it’s in the middle of a heavy conversation. The other person is usually silent for a while. I let the silence linger, because he/she may be trying to figure out how to say something important, but if it continues too long, I ask what the other person is thinking. Often the answer is, “nothing.” Now, I understand that sometimes people don’t want to share certain things with me, and that’s fine, but I don’t understand why they can’t just say, “I don’t want to talk about it.” It’s not going to hurt my feelings and I won’t press the issue, but I will press it if you claim it’s nothing.

Ultimately, the issue here is that I hate being lied to. It’s confusing. If someone says they’re not thinking anything, does that mean the conversation is supposed to be over? Am I supposed to challenge the other person on something more? I never know, but if the person simply tells me they don’t want to share, then I know where to go. However, while I hate being lied to, I have a harder time telling the truth myself, at least when it comes to intimate details about me. I like to pretend I have no weaknesses, even with the people I’m closest to. It’s a flaw that I’m working on, but it’s an incredibly difficult habit to break. Maybe I should take my own advice and start saying what I’m really thinking (or feeling).

I’ve heard before that your true character is how you act when no one else is around. Because of that, I am my most honest in my room. An extra challenge for today’s topic was to take a picture of something I find truthful, so here is a few views of my bedroom from my bed. It is kind of a mess, because I felt it would be lying to clean up.


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