New Blogging Plan

Okay, so I realized over break that time isn’t why I don’t write. I have incredibly high standards about what I write because I don’t want to write a lame blog. However, it’s hit something where every time I come up with something to write about, I don’t think it’s good enough. So, because of that I’m going to write everyday until the end of grad school…possibly more after that, but I think by August I should know kind of where this blog is going. So, I apologize ahead of time for some possibly terrible blog posts, but I’ll try not to make them lame. And if I don’t have anything to write about or any time to write, I can always post a fun video or a good article or other blog for you.

In other news, my grandma fell on Sunday and broke her other hip. If you don’t know, my grandma broke her right hip about a year and a half ago and had surgery. Sunday, she broke the left hip and had surgery yesterday. She is doing well. The most terrifying thing about the experience for me was that I was alone in the house with her when it happened. So I heard a loud thud and then saw my grandma on the floor. I also had the joy of calling 911. However, everything turned out alright. She’ll be in recovery for a bit, but otherwise she’s doing fine.


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