And the Beat Goes On

Yeah…I did just name this post after a Cher song…judge all you want.

I have filled out paperwork at Starbucks and my first day is Thursday of this next week. I met a few of the people I’ll be working with today and they seem pretty cool. Hopefully the job will be good, it’s definitely in a good location and the fact that there won’t be greasy food is a DEFINITE plus.

I did not get the first choice of internship I had, and now that we’re about a month into the placement process, my other choices are filled. My stuff got sent to a place that sounds good, but is in Detroit, which feels far away, so we’ll see how all of that goes. I haven’t heard back from them yet about an interview. I also put together my hopeful schedule. I register August 9, so I’m hoping the four classes I so carefully put together will all remain open till then…

If you’re reading this and you’re one of the people I said I would get in touch with, I’m working on it. I’ve had very little motivation to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING. I’m working on seeing people, really, I am.

Tomorrow begins my summer of weddings :o)


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