Last Day at 21…

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, and while I realize there is nothing particularly special about 22, the passing of being 21 seems like a rather big deal. See, I’ve always been a planner, and when I planned out my life as a child, 22 was always the age at which I knew I’d be graduating from college and moving into the “real world.” While I’m managing to put off being a real person for a while with grad school, the college thing is still true, and that just makes me feel old. Also, it’s no longer cool to be in you twenties once you hit 22. Supposedly 25 is fun…

So, this week is spring break and I’m currently in Chicago with my sister. We are to spend a nerd birthday tomorrow by going to a museum and, naturally, the Cheesecake Factory. Apparently I get to plan the whole day, but since I don’t really care, we’ll see what happens with the rest of it.

Today I hope to read a ton while my sister is at work and then we’ll be hanging out with some of her friends. I’ll be back home on Wednesday and go through some appointments, do some stuff for school, and read even more. Obviously, this is a very exciting post.

I finally have a basic story outline for the screenplay I’m going to write before I’m 30. I haven’t actually written it or anything, but I hope to write out a rough outline and then get started. The problem is I hate it when things aren’t perfectly how I picture them, so I’m going to have to remind myself repeatedly that I can fix everything later and not scrap everything immediately. That’s my writing problem: I give up the minute it’s not perfect.

I’m working on putting together my movie’s of the decade list for 2000-2009. It might be a while, but I’ll post it once it’s there…


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