Five Months Later…

Ok, so the current goal is now to get in the habit of using this regularly before I graduate so that I will use it regularly AFTER I graduate so that people who care what I’m up to can know without actually talking to me. That’s always good, right? No, but seriously, that is the goal as of now.

So, it’s been about five months, but that’s kind of to be expected, because I’m me. In the span of those five months, a lot has happened. I was recently accepted into the University of Michigan for grad school. It’s really weird and exciting, I guess. I like knowing where I’ll be after I graduate. And U of M is a really good school. Plus, I’m kind of entering a family tradition or something. Several generations on my father’s side attended U of M. I am now joining them.

In other news, I started my ten credit hour internship. That equals out to about thirty hours a week that I do in the span of three days. I’m working with convicts who are court-ordered to go to therapy. I have also sat in on assessments of people who are there willingly and I will start co-facilitating two groups this next week on anger prevention. It’s an interesting, emotionally-charged experience.

Ultimately, this is my catch up entry. Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll play around with this and make it a bit better. And also start posting things that are more interesting. Woot!


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